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Movement Assessment Course

Rehab In Motion seminars:

Principles And Concepts of
Dysfunctional Movement Impairments

What you will learn:

  • Where to start with intensity of exercise
  • Soft tissue versus bony restriction
  • Hick’s Criteria for lumbar instability


Training stability versus strength

  • McGill’s Big Three for lumbar instability
  • Cervical deep flexor activation
  • Intensity = Resistance + Stability


Screening Introduction: The Base Screen

  • Integrating movement theory with practice (lecture-lab)
  • Isolating Dysfunction 

Cervical Dysfunction Assessment

  • Exercise Program Progression Design: (Lecture/Lab)
  • Developing a rehab program based on the screen
  • Linking the results to exercise
  • Corrective exercise selection based on the screening results


Screen Break-Out Assessments with Corrections (Lecture-Demonstration-Lab)
  • Overhead Deep Squat/Single Leg Squat
  • Single Leg Stance

Lumbar Flexion Assessment

  • Screen Break-Out Assessments with Corrections (Lecture-Demonstration-Lab)
  • Thoraco-lumbar Extension

5 pieces of exercise equipment every office needs

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date  Location  Time                  
6/8/13   Atlanta, GA  1:00pm-5:00pm
6/8/13  Denver, CO  1:00pm-5:00pm  

Please contact us for additional seminar dates and registration information:
8 Hours of Continuing Education Credits for License Renewal*

Continuing education credit (CE) is provided by New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) License Renewal: While applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in selected states have been executed for these programs, it remains attendees' responsibility to contact the state board(s) from whom they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approve both venue and content as they relate to any seminar/course/lecture/webinar /online presentation (event). Neither a speaker's or exhibitor's presence at said event, nor product mention or display, shall in any way constitute NYCC endorsement. NYCC's role is strictly limited to processing, submitting, and archiving program documents on behalf of course sponsors. NYCC Postgraduate Department 1-800-434-3955.

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